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Nike has withdrawn sneakers from US Independence Day sales. They reminded the critics of the times of slavery

The company for the second time in two weeks refuses to sell sneakers due to political differences.

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Nike stopped selling sneakers in the colors of the American flag, dedicated to US Independence Day. Footwear was criticized because of the images of one of the original versions of the American flag – the 13-star “Betsy Ross flag,” reports The New York Times.

According to critics of the sneaker, the “Betsy Ross flag”, proposed in the 1770s, recalls the era of slavery, writes The Wall Street Journal. Also, this flag is now associated with a number of ultra-right groups. Among the critics of shoe design was Colin Kapernik, an American football player who became the face of the Nike brand after he refused to stand up in the US anthem in 2016 to protest against racism.

On June 26, Nike canceled the sale of sports shoes from Japanese designer Yun Takahashi – a post in support of protests in Hong Kong appeared in the instagram of his Undercover studio. The media noted that this may be due to the fact that Nike is afraid of losing the Chinese market.

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