In Russia, developed satellites “Yarilo” with sails to study the sun

The engineers of the Youth Space Center of the Bauman Moscow State Technical University have developed satellites that use the sail deployed in space to change the parameters of the orbit. Their launch is scheduled for December 2019, RIA Novosti reports , however, how exactly the satellites will be delivered to Earth’s orbit, it is not specified.

The devices developed jointly with the Lebedev Physical Institute of the Russian Academy of Sciences (LPI) were called “Yarylo”. FIAN created a payload for them to study the Sun in the X-ray range.

The change of position in orbit will be carried out using a rotor sail: the satellite is unwound with the help of flywheels and magnetic coils, and the generated centrifugal force straightens the sail. At an altitude of 600 kilometers, where satellites will be sent, the design can only work as an aerodynamic brake.

“We get a controlled fall, begin to slow down, lag, descend. Using this, you can arrange satellites in orbit, you can go lower into orbit, you can bury it, depending on how much the tape unwinds, ”said center employee Anatoly Shapovalov. He clarified that the system is reusable – after the transition to the desired orbit, the sail can be folded.

The next step can be a cubsat for flight to the moon – there it will be possible to fully realize the technology of the solar sail.

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