In Russia, began testing a transport robot for paratroopers

The Ryazan company Avrora Robotics supplied the airborne troops of Russia with a promising tracked robot  Mars A-800  (Mobile Autonomous Robotized System). His tests are based on the Ryazan Guards Higher Airborne Command School. The robot carries fighters, provisions, equipment and ammunition, reducing the burden on the military.

The robot has three meters in length, 2.2 – in width, 1.3 meters – in height. With its own weight of 950 kg, it can transport cargo weighing up to 500 kg and travel at a maximum speed of 35 km / h on the ground and up to 5 km / h on water. Like any real paratrooper, he can parachute from an airplane.

The robot can be controlled by the operator and remote control. He also knows how to go for the operator, on the equipment of which the active label is attached. In this case, the system independently paves the route, avoiding the obstacles encountered. For the movement, you can set specific reference points along which the robot will move independently. In addition, “Mars A-800” is able to move cyclically along a certain route, observing targets, tracking data from video cameras and radars.
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