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IKEA has released the font Soffa Sans, where all the letters are made of sofas. This is the answer to the flash mob in social networks.

Users with the help of the designer on the site designed strange sofas in the form of labyrinths and memes. The company supported the joke.

IKEA has released a free font “Soffa Sans”, where all the letters and symbols are made with the help of the online designer of sofas. When creating the font, the company was inspired by a flash mob associated with the tool on the site – a designer was used in social networks to design strange sofas in the form of labyrinths and memes.

It all started with an “online designer” that allows you to assemble your own sofa from prefabricated elements. The users of social networks quickly understood: there are almost no restrictions in the editor, which means that almost anything can be created in it.

IKEA made the font in the same “online designer”. The company jokingly called “Soffa Sans” the most convenient font in the world, because every character in it is a sofa. The Drum edition has calculated that the font includes 1,434 elements of the Vallentuna corporate sofa. So, if someone wants to repeat the font with all the characters in real life, then he must pay about 135 thousand dollars.

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