“Hello, I would like to receive …”

In Los Angeles, the owner of an ice-cream van is tired of influensers who constantly ask for free ice-cream for mentioning his van on their social networks. He was so tired that he made a special price tag for them. Now each infuenser pays $ 8 instead of $ 4 (price for one ice cream for regular customers).

In comments on Reddit, they also suggested life hacking from obsessive influensers. You give them a special code, which for every 30 people who used this code to buy something in the store, generates a% discount to the customer. If the business is larger, then for a large number, of course. It works only when the cooler is really popular.

It is very difficult to give a description to the consumers, so I rely on you in the comments.

And also know that Coachella is an olympiad for influensers.

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