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Bottle Cap Challenge: in social networks screw caps with bottles kicked. StateMate and MacGregor join flashmob

In just a few days, there were plenty of spectacular as well as rather unsuccessful or ironic attempts.

At the end of June, the #BottleCapChallenge flash mob was launched on social networks . Its essence is quite simple, but preparation is necessary for execution: it is necessary to unscrew the cap on the bottle with a kick on the video with a turn. Ideally – with the effect of “slow-mo” and so that the bottle remained stationary.

At first it was an internal MMA fighter flashmob. On June 26, a fighter from Kazakhstan, Karo Pashikyan, voiced the rules on Instagram and challenged several colleagues, including Conor McGregor. Pashikyan also noted in the social networks of actor Jason Statema

Karo Pashikyan Instagram videos

Al-Farabi Davletchin, world champion in taekwondo, was the first to receive the challenge. He launched the call chain: after him, the video was published by the former Nike designer Errolson Hugh, and Max Holloway, one of the most famous UFC fighters, took the baton from him.

 Videos from 

Errolson Hugh called Max Holloway mixed martial artist

Holloway promised musician John Mayer that he would train with him in Hawaii until he could remove the lid

Holloway not only brought the flash mob to a new level of popularity, but also handed the challenge with a bottle cap to a person not from the sports sphere – to American musician John Mayer. He successfully demonstrated his possession of karate.

Mayer coped and caused Statema

As a result, Mayer already challenged Statema – and this time the actor accepted him. Also Conor McGregor took part in the flash mob – he knocked the cap off a bottle of his own brand of whiskey.

State to participate in the Challenger called director Guy Ritchie, who starred in debut films, and former mixed martial arts fighter James Muntasri

Great job, Jason State, take off the lid. (English idiom “I tip my hat to you” means “I take off my hat”). Take her out of here. At the same time calling Floyd Mayweather

By the beginning of July, there are thousands of videos on the hashtag #BottleCapChallenge on Twitter and Instagram . Not all authors of commercials are professional athletes, but many have spectacular blows.

Someone tried to complicate and so is not the easiest task.

Enough in social networks and unsuccessful attempts, as well as those who perform reception as a joke.

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