Three of the 60 Starlink satellites Elon Musk do not get in touch

At the end of May, 60 of the first Starlink global Internet satellites were launched on the SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket into orbit. But, as  it became known , the connection with three of them is lost. These three satellites will go out of orbit in a “passive” mode, a company spokesman said.

This means that over time, the satellites will simply enter the atmosphere of the Earth and burn in the fall. Two more satellites will be deliberately returned from orbit. Thus, the company is going to simulate the process of disposing of satellites at the end of their service life.

On May 31, SpaceX reported that an initial review was received from all 60 satellites. Everything went according to plan. At the moment, 45 of the 60 satellites have reached their target altitude, another five are gaining orbit, and the last five are completing the check before they are altitude.

This is only a small part of the grouping, which in the coming years should grow to 12,000 devices. In this case, most of the satellites (7518) will be located in a circular orbit at an altitude of 340 km above the Earth. Another 1584 satellites will raise higher – up to 550 km. Another 2841 satellites will be sent farthest – to an altitude of 1,150 km.

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