The work of the robot Fedor on the ISS was described as “intrigue and surprise”

The number of tasks that humanoid robot Fedor will perform on the International Space Station has decreased, reports TASS. “The tasks that stood before him decreased a little, because there is not much time, ” said cosmonaut Alexander Skvortsov, who will work with the robot at the station.

According to him, the robot “will have a lot of tasks to work with the ship.” “Let’s leave the intrigue for now as a surprise that you will see,” said Skvortsov, answering the question what tasks Fedor will perform at the station.

Earlier, the head of the Russian Cosmonaut Training Center (CPC), Pavel Vlasov, said that experiments with the robot will be carried out by the crew leaving for the ISS on July 20. Specialists will appreciate the correctness of the design calculations for the creation of the robot and the prospects for the implementation of this project to provide robotic support to the crew of the ISS with an eye on long flights.

Speech about the exit of the robot in outer space is not.

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