Purchased from Microsoft “books in the figure” will be deleted, because in this world you do not own anything

Another proof of the ephemeral purchases of digital content on the Internet came from Microsoft. The company closes its digital book trading business, which has been crookedly existed for two years. Together with the closure of the business, all books purchased by the company’s few customers will be deleted, Gizmodo writes . 

And all because together with the service will be closed DRM-server, which provided technical means of copyright protection. Those digital locks that did not allow users to share these books. Fortunately, the company promised to return the money for their purchases. And even give an extra $ 25 to people who made notes in their books.

Of course, it was difficult to imagine in the era of CD / DVD that customers would have to return discs with content when the store was closed. But in the era of “cloudy” content, the user does not own anything, but only pays for access (rent), which at any time can break due to technical problems or a banal business collapse.

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