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Protesters in Hong Kong broke into the parliament building. The assault occurred on the day of the 22th anniversary of the transfer of Hong Kong to China

Clashes with the police at the Legislative Council building lasted for several hours.

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The protesters in Hong Kong broke into the building of the Legislative Council – the local parliament. The assault was a success after several hours of clashes with the police, reports CNN.

Earlier, for the first time in the history of the Legislative Council, its members announced a “red alarm” – a complete evacuation. When the protesters broke the windows in the building, the police closed the door with shields.

Protesters also dismantled the fence that surrounded the local parliament building.

On June 12, mass demonstrations began in Hong Kong. Their participants oppose the adoption of a law according to which the authorities will be able to extradite suspects to mainland China, Macao and Taiwan, with which Hong Kong does not have an extradition agreement. According to various estimates, from 300 thousand to a million people took to the streets. Due to the fact that the protesters blocked the streets near government buildings, the police used pepper gas, batons and rubber bullets.

On June 15, the Hong Kong administration decided to suspend consideration of amendments to the law on extradition after mass protests in the city, but they continued. Residents require a complete abolition of the bill.

July 1 in Hong Kong celebrate the 22th anniversary of the return of the region under the jurisdiction of China.

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