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Meme: Sheathed Sword / Drawn Sword

When instead of the standard answer should be unpleasant, and instead of insults – unexpected approval.

At the end of June, a two-pane meme with a sword that was taken out of its sheath spread in social networks. With it, social networks turn popular insults into approving phrases, and answers to ordinary questions turn into unexpected reactions.

To create a meme used footage from the third episode of the anime “Gurren-Lagann”, aired in Japan in 2007. In one of the scenes, Kamina’s character exposed his katana before a fight with Viral. In January 2019, a Reddit user uploaded a screenshot of the sword from this series to the r / dankmemes section with a signature that beats the popular political expression in the West.

When you lose in a dispute with a stranger on the Internet

Until June, the meme did not gain popularity, several times it was published againalmost unchanged. On June 14, a Reddit user added a second image to the template — in her, Kamina drew a sword. In the updated template, the seemingly racist insult phrase turns into an approving expression. In this format, the meme spread in the subreddit r / memes and r / pewdiepiesubmissions .

When white people start to lose in a dispute with a black on the Internet: “Ne …” / “Norm, bro. 
You’re right”

The joke illustrates the mismatch between expectation and reality. In the first picture, the meme hero utters an insult, an indecent expression or an expected answer to a question. But on the second panel, the phrase always takes on the opposite meaning. Moreover, its first letters should correspond to the original text.

When she asks what is your favorite food: “Poo …” / “Pudding with condensed milk”

When someone kills you in a game with one shot: “Ne …” / “Great shot, friend”

Native Americans: “Can we just live on our ancestors’ land, which belongs to us?” / America: “Ok” / “Oklahoma is your new home”
When you lose the argument on the Internet and decide to use the most powerful word in the universe: “Ne …” / “Nickelback”

I: * ask the girl if she wants to go on a date * / Girl: “No …” / “No”

Women: “Men are only interested in one thing” / Men: “Se …” / “Sichuan Sauce”

Mom, let’s have dinner at McDonald’s? 
/ Mom: “No” / “Not only I will not reckon with your opinion, but also read an hour lecture”

When someone insults me: “What?” / “What the fuck you just said?” / “What the fuck you just said, are you a stupid bitch? 
For your information, I finished … “

The meme also spread in public on VKontakte – it was passed on to Russian realities and began to invent phrases with a similar trick.

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