Levada Center: Russians’s favorite leisure time is to watch TV. Every second never went to theaters and museums

Almost half of Russians never went to the movies.


Films and TV shows have become a favorite way of spending time for Russians, it became known from the results of the survey “Levada Center”, conducted in May 2019. Once a week and more often spend time in front of the screen 79% of respondents.

At the same time, the share of respondents who enjoy watching TV increased from 28% in 2010 to 34% in 2018.

Watch movies on the big screen loves much less than the inhabitants of Russia. Almost half (44%) never went to the movies. Another 30% go to the cinema several times a year; every fifth goes to the cinema once or twice a month.

Attitudes toward fiction among Russians are ambiguous: the number of respondents who ignore books is equal to the number of readers daily (28%).

The survey authors separately indicate the category of youth aged 18 to 29 years: among them the share of those who have never read newspapers or magazines has increased 12 times since 2006: from 4% to 46%. They say this in the Levada Center, the survey did not take into account that they can read the same media on social networks.

The Russians most rarely attend theaters, museums and concerts. Every second resident of Russia has never been to a theater, conservatory or museum (55%). Almost two thirds have never been to a concert of favorite bands and performers (64%). In many respects, this depends on the place of residence of the respondents: residents of Moscow spend their time in such places 1.5-2 times more often than people in the provinces and villages.

The survey was conducted among the urban and rural population in 137 locations in Russia. It was attended by 1616 people aged 18 years and older.

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