Joni Ive left Apple offended by Tim Cook

At the end of last week, Apple’s chief designer Joni Ive announced that he was leaving the company, whose face he had been creating for the last three decades. The publication of The Wall Street Journal published some quotes about leaving Quince from the company. In particular, in recent years he was disappointed with the way the “magic of the product”, created by the ingenious CEO and designer of Apple, “blurred”.

According to the newspaper, Ive was disappointed that Tim Cook showed little interest in the process of product development. This explains the fact that the head of Apple sometimes only after the presentation for the first time saw the product live. For example, as in the photo illustrating this news.

Besides, Johnny Ive didn’t like the fact that Apple’s board of directors was filled with people who were not related to the company’s core business. The designer disagreed with some of them in terms of positioning the Apple Watch. He wanted the watch to be sold as a fashion accessory and not an addition to the iPhone.

From the WSJ material it becomes known that Apple will pay millions of dollars to the new Johnny Quince LoveFrom firm to continue to develop future product designs for the company.

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