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An unidentified object fell near the capital of Northern Cyprus. Local authorities call it Russian rocket

The missile could be released by the Syrian air defenses in response to the Israeli attack.

A piece of a rocket that fell in Cyprus Photos from Twitter 

An unidentified object that fell north of Nicosia is supposedly a rocket made in Russia. According to the head of diplomacy of the self-proclaimed Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus Kudret Ozersaya, the Syrian air defense forces launched a rocket in response to the Israeli attack .

Judging by the scatter of debris, the rocket exploded in the air, said Ozersay, so there is no crater under it. Local authorities believe that the rocket was released from the C-200 system.

An unknown object fell on the territory of Cyprus around 1:00 local time. There are no victims and injured. Eyewitnesses reported three high-profile explosions and a fire that began after his fall.

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