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The best memes and viral videos of June

The end of the month – and the traditional selection of memes and viral content from social networks is already in your smartphone. This time we will marvel at the cosplay at Ricardo Milos, find out about the most popular Chernobyl meme in the West, look closer at the Internet flash mob in the East and rejoice at the rebel Boston Dynamics robot. And in order to keep abreast of “smeshnyavok” during the month, do not forget to subscribe to the “Some Game” channel in Telegram.

Savage – Iron Man

Leader of the “Destroyers of Legends” Adam Savage has launched a new show on Discovery TV channel called Savage Builds, where he is engaged in all sorts of crazy experiments. The first issue was devoted to the creation of this Iron Man suit. In it, Savage even flew, but like crocodiles from a bearded anecdote – low to low.

The most important thing is that the suit is bulletproof: it is made of titanium. The test of the costume was devoted to a considerable part of this show.

Rogozin in near space

The Russian space startup ToSky, due to a lack of funding and a general low interest in astronautics in the country, launches stratostats into the near space. Periodically, these stratostats take passengers on board. One of them in June was a cardboard figure of Dmitry Rogozin in red toy “Zhiguli”.

Even Ilon Musk responded to the publication about the launch in the Western media: “Don’t make me call you on the rap-battle!”

Cosplay Ricardo Milos

Cosplay is different. Someone makes costumes of characters from video games or anime, and someone attracts Internet memes. Christina Targaryan (also called Kalinka Fox) was inspired by the stripper Ricardo Milos, found a red bandana, pants with an American flag – and away we go.

3.6 roentgen per hour

In early June, the HBO mini-series “Chernobyl”, which surprisingly gained widespread popularity among Western viewers, ended. And what is popular, it is necessarily overgrown with a library of memes. The audience especially remembered the confidence of the chief engineer of the Chernobyl nuclear power plant, Anatoly Dyatlov, that nothing terrible had happened, and 3.6 X-rays didn’t mean that it could be worse. Of course, if you do not take into account the limited range of operation of dosimeters at the station.

You do not see graphite on earth, because it is not there. 
Persuade me

Stand for the mower

In early June, Apple held an annual conference for WWDC developers. There, she showed iOS 13 and a Mac Pro computer, which looks like a big grater. A Pro Display XDR monitor will be sold separately for $ 5000, and you can separately purchase a single Pro Stand for the monitor separately. She can rotate the display and adjust the height. It is a miracle of engineering $ 1000. Here you can listen to how the audience responded to this price.

It is clear that in a professional environment monitors are often used even without supports, but the high price supports Apple does not explain

Tim Cook calculates the price for the stand

Dancing at the wedding

Sometimes very ancient pictures emerge on the Internet and find a second life – even brighter. A photograph of an unknown man, dashing at a wedding party, returned to the Internet 15 years later and is now used to signify unbridled fun, whether it be the surviving microbes or the joy of the heard song of the group “Hands Up!”.

My stupid deeds

Probably, no matter how stupid, in the opinion of the majority, you have blindered, there will be a person in the world who will approve of it approvingly. This assumption is illustrated by real examples of the meme based on the cartoon “How to Train Your Dragon”. In it, the black dragon Bezzubik tries in every way to attract the attention of the white dragon of the Day Furies. From the thicket, Bezzubik’s actions are led by his master, who actively shows support to the dragon. Actually, the bewildered face of the white dragon symbolizes the usually silent and disapproving majority.

Meme: The dragon and the guy approving of his behavior

Short about Instagram

Russian artist Anton Gudim periodically publishes short sketches in comic format on Twitter. The most popular such sketch in June was his observations on Instagram and sections of the social network, which seem to be all about different things, but often they are about the same thing.

In general, the guy’s account deserves interest, as he periodically makes him happy with resourceful solutions and funny comics, so don’t miss it.

Robot finally got his revenge

Boston Dynamics robots often appear in the media, and readers often sympathize with them, as company employees arrange real stability tests for robots: sometimes they are pushed and beaten out of mechanical arms. The creators of the Corridor YouTube channel decided to parody such Boston Dynamics videos: their burdened employees smashed bottles with a whip and even shot at them with a revolver. But the robot eventually understands that enough to endure this mockery.

Take a glass on his chest

Well, where could it be without another challenge in social networks? But intriguing. In Japan, among local residents it has become fashionable to photograph with paper and plastic cups filled with liquid on the chest — it is used as a stand. Of course, if you have something to use.

Bubble Tea Challenge: girls use their breasts as a cup holder

Cheboksary knitwear

The authors of this video was not intended to advertise clothes from Chuvashia. They only wanted to reflect on the trends in modern commercials. That is why the advertisement of the store “Cheboksary knitwear”, which sells clothing that matches the spirit of the name, is not official at all. There is a possibility that the store administration would not have the courage for such an experimental video. Nevertheless, this video had a certain viral popularity.


And at the end, as usual, we offer a selection of the most interesting and popular Koubs over the past month.

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