Huawei P30 Pro counted 1631 components, 15 – from the USA

The Japanese research company Fomalhaut Techno Solutions has studied the component base of the Huawei P30 Pro smartphone in order to assess the dependence of the Chinese manufacturer on sources from outside the country. The phone counted 1631 components, 15 of them are of American origin. Quite a bit, but they are key.

In addition, these 15 components account for about 16% of the cost of all parts of the top-end Huawei smartphone. According to experts, another 62% of the cost of components falls on those “parts” that are produced outside of China.

As for components of American origin, they are supplied by companies such as Qorvo (semiconductors for communication modules), Micron Technology (RAM), Corning (protective glass), and some others. Nikkei does not indicate specific manufacturers, but the list probably includes licensed components (ARM, for example).

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