How to add custom virtual button on iPhone

The size of modern smartphones make the use of gadgets with one hand almost impossible. Even those who have tried to use the interface with one hand, can not do anything with the buttons on the side faces of the smartphone.

Part of it is to press the desired key to drag on or intercept the iPhone.

There is a way to perform the most necessary actions at all without pressing the physical buttons.

How to set up a convenient virtual button

For this we need a special AssistiveTouch option .

1. Go to the Settings – General – Universal Access – Assistive Touch menu and activate the main switch.

2. Change the Opacity at rest to a minimum, so the virtual button will be almost invisible most of the time.

3. Configure the necessary actions.

There is even no need to use the AssistiveTouch menu. The most useful actions can be configured to touch a button, double tap, hold and 3D-Touch.

It turns out as many as four quick actions, such as locking orientation, locking the screen, turning off the sound and changing the volume.

Do not forget that the virtual button can be dragged to any convenient place on the screen.

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