iPhone 11 shown on video. Recently

While the Internet is full of rumors about the design of the future iPhone 11, the Chinese are already ready.

A short video appeared on Twitter, on which an unknown person twists a smartphone in his hand, suspiciously resembling all those renderers that we have already seen several times.

In the video, we see not just a blank, layout or toy, but a full-fledged, ready-to-sell gadget. It even has an operating system installed, seemingly indistinguishable visually from iOS.

The counterfeit gives the color of the case and the font that printed the word iPhone on the back. Well, it does not work out for Chinese craftsmen to correctly select the font type, size and letter spacing on the copied goods.

I am sure that the fake iPhone will find its customers, and very soon. To get hold of the new Apple one of the first for reasonable money – is this not a dream for many?

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