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Elton John accused Putin of hypocrisy because of the words about the absence of problems with LGBT people. The president said the singer is mistaken

“I see duplicity in your statement” against “We have an equal attitude towards LGBT people”.

Elton John Reuters

British singer and composer Elton John via instagram responded to Vladimir Putin to the words about the non-discrimination of the LGBT community in Russia, said in an interview with The Financial Times. The main claim of the musician was the censorship of the film-biography “Rocketman” in Russia.

I strongly disagree with your opinion that the policy of multicultural and sexual diversity in our societies is outdated. I see duplicity when you talk about your desire for LGBT representatives “to be happy”, and [in Russia] “we have no problems with that”.

Russian distributors harshly censored my film Rocketman, removing all references to my finding true happiness in a 25-year relationship with David [Fernish] and raising two beautiful sons. To me it looks like hypocrisy.

Elton John

John also noted in a letter to Putin that he was grateful for allowing same-sex marriage in his country, and stressed that this brought to his family “tremendous comfort and happiness.”

June 29 at a press conference following the G20 summit in Japan, Putin said that John was wrong in his criticism.

You remembered Elton John – I respect a lot, he is a brilliant musician. In fact, he also comes to us, we are happy to listen to him all. I think that he is mistaken, I did not distort anything here, we really have a very even attitude towards members of the LGBT community, really calm, completely unbiased.

Vladimir Putin quote from RIA “News”

It is not the first time for the musician to criticize the Russian distributor for removing scenes with male kisses and gay sex, scenes with narcotic substances and the final title that he met true love from Rocketman. “We believe in building bridges and open dialogue, so we will continue to do everything to break the borders until people around the world are heard equally,” said his statement from the beginning of June.

In an interview to which John responded, Putin said that in the West, Russians are mistakenly represented as homophobes. The President noted that he has nothing against the LGBT community: “God bless you, let them live as they see fit.” However, according to Putin, some points are redundant: “I would think about it, I don’t know, there are already five or six floors.”

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