Apple recalls MacBook Air 2018 due to problems with the motherboard

Apple discovered that the “ very small amount ” of the 2018 MacBook Air might have a motherboard failure. The company will repair the affected laptops for free.

Owners of distressed MacBook Air will receive an email from Apple, which will describe their further actions. Users will have to give a laptop to an authorized service center or Apple Store, where experts will replace the motherboard for free.

You can see the list of the nearest services here .

If the MacBook Air has damage that prevents repair, the customer will have to fix it at their own expense.

You can replace the motherboard for four years with the purchase of a MacBook Air.

Apple has not publicly announced the recall of laptops, probably because the problem is non-mass. But Apple Store employees and service centers have already received the relevant orders. [ Macrumors ]

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