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Zuckerberg called deepfake media manipulation and promised to come up with the rules for their distribution on Facebook

The founder of Facebook believes that it is necessary to distinguish between deepfake and false information.

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg at the Aspen Ideas festival in Colorado said that the company plans to create new rules to regulate the deepfakes on the platform.

When the platform was filled with Nancy Pilosi’s “drunk” diplomacy, Facebook didn’t delete the videos, but marked them as false information. Zuckerberg called this approach “implementation error”.

“It took our system time to keep track of these videos, and partners who are checking the facts, mark them as false information. Deep Fake spread much stronger than it should have been according to our rules, ”Zuckerberg said.

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The head of the social network also said that the company is working on changes to the rules of the platform, which will regulate the distribution of deepfake on the site. But first, he believes that it is necessary to give a definition to the deepfake.

I believe that deepfake differ from false information. We need to make sure that we clearly understand what is deepfake. This is media manipulation using artificial intelligence to get someone to say what he didn’t want? I think this concept is reasonable.

But what if the video is mounted so that it is misleading? I know people who were interviewed on TV, and their speech was remounted to change the meaning of what was said. I think that we need to carefully evaluate this and not give people a reason to demand to remove the video from the interview, where the speech was mounted as they did not like.

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On June 13, the United States Congress launched an investigation into the distribution of deepfake, stating that such videos could cause irreparable damage to the 2020 elections.

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