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Twitter began to hide violating the rules of the social network tweets of politicians

If a politician publishes a tweet that contradicts the social network rules, then instead of deleting it, the service will notify users of the violation.

Twitter introduced a feature that hides the “socially important” tweets of politicians if they violate the rules of the social network. This was reported by the company in its blog.

The new rules apply to the tick-marked verification of government representatives and candidates for public office with more than 100 thousand subscribers. If the service thinks that tweet is breaking the rules, the team of moderators will decide whether the publication is a “matter of public importance”. If yes, then instead of a tweet will appear a sign notifying of the violation.

“This tweet violated Twitter’s rules. 
However, Twitter decided that the tweet should remain on the platform, as it can be socially significant. ”

A tweet with this alert will appear less frequently on the platform. It will disappear from the recommendations, the “If you miss” window, notifications and the “Interesting” page. The rule will not apply to tweets published prior to the introduction of the new feature.

In January 2018, users asked to block Donald Trump on Twitter. The service responded that deleting its conflicting tweets would not be beneficial, since users would not know about them and would not be able to argue with the president.

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