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“This city does not need a superhero”: Indian police use memes to prevent crimes

Police warn young people against drug use and drunk driving.

Since April 2017, the Bangalore city police department in the state of Karnataka in the south of India has been maintaining an Instagram account in which law enforcement officers publish memes calling not to litter the streets, to use a seat belt and not to violate the rules of the road.

The city police hired two SMM managers, Chethan Hiremath and Diraj Gowda (Deeraj Gowda), who are creating content. They are trying to attract young people using language that they can understand – memes.

The profile description states that “this city does not need a superhero,” since the police are always ready to help. The publications use a wide variety of memes – from old jokes such as parodies of the track “Rollin ‘” and references to the song “Every Breath You Take” to the recently popular formats “ We are with the boys ” or “ Hulk transmitting tacos ”.

We are trying to add meaning to every meme. So we came up with jokes about “Game of Thrones” and Pablo Escobar. We mix humor with a social message without minimizing the image of the Bangalore police. We find a creative approach to communicating ideas to the police.

Diraj Govda SMM Manager

A police spokesman, Pravin, the Court noted that this approach to the management of social networks worked: “The response to the publication was good. Every day almost a thousand people subscribe to us. ”

Drug dealer wants to deliver cargo / Bangalore Police

Your bank account / Your password

When a drug dealer takes money from you and does not answer calls, call 1908 and report illegal sale of drugs / Current problems require modern solutions

When the red light comes on at the traffic lights, but the cars continue to go / Traffic light: “ What am I to you, joke? 

Link to the track Chamillionaire ft. Krayzie Bone – Ridin ‘

“Even if you break, man, I’m safe”

Dragon or bike? Never mind. Do not forget to wear a helmet!

Plastic trash / responsible citizen / trashcan

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Don’t let drugs pull a prank on you!

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Drugs / your life / you

Bangalore Police / You who break the law

Drink and go (die) (referring to the Sbeve Meme )

When you keep a state in a bank account, but using a weak password

When you try to understand how much you can drink and still drive the car, but you understand that not at all

Who will win? / pillar / some drunken dudes

When you try to be a drug lord, but you realize you’re in Bangalore!

Yesterday we ran across the road in the wrong place, and today we are white walkers

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