The museum in the Urals discovered the true work of Rubens. For over 40 years she was considered a copy.

The picture “The Position in the Grave” was brought from the Hermitage in 1976.

Peter Rubens painting “The position in the grave” Reproduction

A copy of the painting by the Flemish painter Peter Rubens from the Irbit Museum of Fine Arts turned out to be original. The official conclusion will appear in August, but the experts of the Hermitage, who conducted the examination, state the authenticity of the painting, writes Е1 with reference to the museum director Valery Karpov.

It is known that this work of early Rubens, the picture was painted in 1601. At this time, Rubens was still a very young man and worked in Italy. Our picture of Rubens is a preliminary sketch of the big picture.

Valery Karpov Director of the Irbit Museum of Fine Arts

The picture was transferred to Irbit in 1976. Until then, she was kept in the Hermitage.

In 2012, another canvas by Rubens from the museum in Irbit turned out to be original. The painting “Penitent Mary Magdalene with Sister Martha” was painted by Rubens and his students Anthony van Dyck and Jacob Jordaens.

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