Photo: Restored Apollo Mission Control Center for the 50th Anniversary of Man Landing on the Moon

NASA has restored and reopened the room to a memorable date.


The Apollo Mission Mission Control Center was opened at the Lyndon Johnson Space Center in Houston. The restoration is timed to the 50th anniversary of the landing of a man on the moon, which will be celebrated on July 20th.

Works on the restoration of the hall took seven months. Before that, experts studied archival materials and photographs for several years to reproduce the room in the smallest detail.

For the restoration, they used either original objects that actually participated in the mission, or very exact copies of them. Not only old computer consoles and terminals, but also carpets, clothes, ashtrays and pens were placed in the hall. Part of the props NASA received from the employees who worked at the MCC at that time. The control center can be visited from July as part of tours organized by the Space Center.

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