Memorable Apple Product Videos featuring John Quince

The chief designer of the company was the hero of many famous videos from the same white room.

On June 27, Apple Chief Designer Joni Ive, who has worked for the company for 27 years, left his post and founded his own studio, LoveFrom.

During his time at the company, Sir John Ive became popular among web users due to the peculiar manner of speaking in Apple promotional videos.

Hairy Joni Ive: Computers absolutely can be sexy, 1999 year.
Presentation video iPhone 4, 2010.
Presentation video of the first iPad, 2010.
Presentation video iPhone 5, 2012.
MacBook Pro Retina Display Presentation Video, 2010.
Presentation video iOS 7, 2013.
Presentation video Apple Watch Sport, 2014.
Presentation video 12 “MacBook, 2015.
Designed by Apple in California, 2016
The presentation video iPhone X, 2017.
Presentation video of the new Mac Pro, 2019.
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