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Iranian police confiscated 1000 Bitcoin mining machines after a sharp jump in electricity consumption in the country

Power engineers complain that cryptocurrency is mined even in mosques.

The police found and confiscated more than a thousand mining machines for cryptocurrency in the buildings of two former factories in Iran. The reason for the test was a surge in electricity consumption in the country: in June it grew by 7%, reports the BBC, citing Iranian television.

Two bitcoin farms consumed one megawatt of energy, officials said.

Experts of the energy company Tavanir, commenting on the sharp increase in electricity consumption in Iran, complained that bitcoins in the country are mined, among other things, in government buildings and mosques. In August 2018, the Iranian Senate Energy Committee announced to the rectors of mosques that they would receive electricity for free. However, the imams were required to declare a fatwa to ban illegal consumption of electricity.

Mining farm in Iranian mosque Photo

In September 2018, the secretary of the Supreme Council of Iran on Cyberspace, Abolhassan Firuzabadi, announced the mining of cryptocurrencies by legalized industry.

According to the interlocutors of the BBC, cryptocurrency in Iran is considered as a method of storing funds, along with gold and dollars. Since April 2018 in Iran there is a restriction on the circulation of foreign currency. Citizens are forbidden to have a sum of more than 10 thousand euros in their hands.

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