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In the Bahamas, after an attack of three sharks, an American tourist died. She did not hear the warning cries of her father

The last time such an attack ended with the death of the victim in 2008.

Jordan Lindsey Photos from the personal archive of the girl

21-year-old American Jordan Lindsay died after a shark attack during a family holiday in the Bahamas. Predators attacked a floating girl near Rose Island on the afternoon of June 27th. “She was taken ashore and taken to a hospital in New Providence where she died,” representatives of the Bahamian Ministry of Tourism said.

Witnesses told the Associated Press that the girl was attacked by three sharks, biting her arms, legs and buttocks. Her right hand was cut off. A couple of minutes before the attack, the father of the deceased tried to warn her about the danger, but she did not hear him. “Lindsay was a wonderful daughter and a man. We already miss her terribly, ”said the student’s parent.

According to the Global Shark Attack File research center, which records shark attacks around the world, the last death occurred in the Bahamas in 2008 during a 49-year-old man’s diving underwater. He died from bleeding after losing a leg as a result of a bite. After that, people encountered predators in the region more than a dozen times, but survived every time.

Rose Island Coast Photos by Ashley Brown

Two experts on the behavior of sharks, interviewed by AP, called a similar case extremely rare. In their opinion, sharks almost never attack a person in three. However, to escape in this situation is very difficult. A scientist from the shark research institute Eric Ritter suggested that something attracted the attention of predators – for example, seafood that was thrown into the water.

“There must be a reason. This is not normal behavior for sharks, ”the expert added. He also expressed concern that professional patrolmen were not present near the tourists. According to Ritter, hired guides who know the habits of sharks should always swim with customers.

Lindsay’s relatives launched a charity campaign on GoFundMe to cover the cost of transporting the body to California and funerals. They asked for it 25 thousand dollars , but at the time of this writing, they sent more than 60 thousand dollars . The remaining funds will go to an animal shelter.

The victim studied at a private university in Los Angeles, she was described as an exemplary student and animal lover, who advocated greater control over climate change. At the school where the girl studied, they promised to honor her memory with a memorial plaque.

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