Hans Zimmer wrote sounds for BMW electric cars

Unfortunately, this is not the soundtrack from the “Start” on repeat.

Photo of BMW Group

Composer Hans Zimmer, best known for his work on Interstellar and Nachal, together with engineer Renzo Vitale, wrote the sounds for the new generation of BMW electric cars. The couple created sound effects for the BMW M NEXT concept car, presented at an event on June 25 in Munich.

The joint project of BMW and Zimmer was named BMW IconicSounds Electric. According to Jens Thiemer, vice president of the company, thanks to the new brand, consumers with “all the senses” will enjoy driving.

Zimmer and Vitali wrote sounds of acceleration and stopping, as well as driving effects, for example, clicks of buttons on the dashboard. Some of them can be heard in the promo video about the car.

The effects will mimic driving a car with an internal combustion engine. At the same time, electric cars will not sound the same as cars on fuel: the sound will depend on the power and speed of the electric car.

BMW has been working on artificial sounds since at least 2009. Engineers also wanted to increase the audibility of almost silent electric vehicles for pedestrians, without disturbing them with unusual sounds.

BMW M NEXT in the near future will not be available – it is a concept car that reflects the direction of the manufacturer. The sound system will equip all the next generation of cars, and the new electric cars will be presented in 2023 – earlier than planned, because the company is ahead of its own production schedule for two years

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