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YouTube has changed the recommendation system and allowed to block the proposed video from individual channels

For the first time, users will be told why they are recommended to these or other videos.

YouTube introduced the changes to the home page and the “Next” section. Users were allowed to customize the tape with the proposed video, block recommendations from their selected channels, and also receive information about why the videos appear in the recommendations. This was reported by thecompany in its blog.

YouTube has added to the main page a list of topics, the choice of which depends on what the user watches the video. Under each topic, for example, recipes or “Do it yourself”, a list with similar videos will be displayed. The same function will appear in the “Next” section.

The user can opt out of recommendations of certain channels using the “Do not recommend the channel” button. Blocked videos can be found through a search, but they will stop appearing in the “Next” section or on the main page.

YouTube will also begin to tell why it recommends videos from channels that the user has not watched before. In the window under each such video additional information will appear about users with similar interests who liked and watched the videos recommended by the user. New features are already available on iOS and will soon be launched in the web version of the site and the Android application.

The Verge noted that the company had responded to requests from users, media and companies to change the recommendation algorithm, which since February 2019 has been collecting videos that resemble child porn.

Due to changes in the recommendations and on the main no longer appear malicious videos. In May 2019, YouTube began to remove videos with malicious and shocking content from the home page and application

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