The US military has learned to recognize people by heart rhythm

To do this, use a special infrared laser, “piercing” clothes.

The special forces of the USA developed a device capable of recognizing people at a distance of up to 200 meters. It illuminates a person with infrared rays and analyzes the “imprint” of the heartbeat. This was reported by MIT Technology Review.

The project was named Jetson, and its improved versions will be able to recognize people at a distance of over 200 meters. According to one of the special forces employees who worked on the device, its accuracy reaches 95%.

Jetson is a directional infrared laser that determines the heart rate by tiny vibrations on the human body. The system works effectively even with clothes.

The device can help the military in situations where facial recognition is useless or impossible. In Special Forces, the United States told reporters that heart biometrics are more stable than face, and can reach 98% accuracy.

In this case, while technology takes 30 seconds to get a “cast” of heart rate. During this time, the target must remain motionless. In addition, to use the system, the military will have to create a base of heart “prints” from scratch.

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