Similar to the drone presented at the Army 2019 forum can be bought on eBay

Technopolis “Era” was presented at the forum “Army” drone-nanoprospepchik. In total, there are two modifications of the device on the stand. 
The drone is a classic palm-sized quadrocopter. 
As the representative of the technopolis explained to TASS, “one drone is able to shoot in real time, and the second can accurately determine the distance, thanks to the distance meters, and build a room map.” 
Drones are a joint development of the company “Decima” and “Era”. They can deliver mini loads (up to 15 g), including medical ampoules, to fly up to 2 thousand meters. A 
similar visually drone can be bought in the eBay online store for about 3200 rubles.

A drone nanoscaler showed on the forum …The drone is a classic palm-sized quadrocopter, it can deliver loads up to … TASS.RU

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