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Real Life Doodles: Reddit has been painting “Toon” to real- life video for over four years

Gifs with “doodles” regularly diverge around the Internet, and the best authors gain tens of thousands of followers on Instagram.

Real Life Doodles: Reddit has been painting “Toon” to real- life video for over four years

For several years in social networks, you can stumble upon a video or gif, where a little bit of “cartoonishness” is added to what is happening in real life. Most often, to some real object or animal, they schematically draw hands, mouth and eyes – and this adds a comical effect to the video.

Most of these works were first published in the r / reallifedoodles section (“Doodles in Real Life”) on Reddit. For more than four years, some users have been drawing gifs with “doodles” (this is how sketches of characters are called), while other users spread them all over the Internet.

The authors of the section did not themselves come up with a method: back in 2012, videos with cartoon water towers were popular on YouTube.

He created the Reddit community David Little (David Little) – while the 28-year-old Briton living in Manchester. In real life, he was involved in the logistics of a pharmaceutical company, organizing the purchase and delivery of “products for diagnosing cancer.” But David had a hobby: using simple lines and sketches, he drew pictures of gifs and commercials from real life “toons.”

Little’s inspiration was drawn from the adventure time adventure. According to the creator of Sabreddit, he simply liked to please people with his works. But he did not give up his main profession: “Nevertheless, the gifs do not pay me bills.”

By June 2019, Little still moderates r / reallifedoodles and publishes his work regularly. On Reddit and in social networks, it is known as Sooperdavid .

Pretty quickly, a community of gifs was formed around the idea of ​​David Little. Other authors appeared who became local “stars”. For example, in 2016 a resident of Berlin under the nickname Moonchay joined the section . He published his work for more than two years, abandoning Reddit in 2018.

Moonchay told Business Insider that gifs in After Effects, and sometimes it takes between 20 and 30 hours to do one job. “Yes, this is a lot of time, but at the same time, a hobby brings me happiness, which means it justifies itself,” the German noted.

Over the years, Moonchay has developed a popular instagram with 300 thousand subscribers. There, he also puts out “doodles”, but already with sound.

Moonchay began to draw sketchy characters after he saw a selection of gifs from another “star” moderator in the Abnormal section . Under the nickname is the Canadian Hiram Gifford (Hiram Gifford) – one of the few authors of “doodles” who are engaged in animation professionally. In Canada, the girl is engaged in mobile and games and cartoons, winning local awards.

The last time Abnormal wrote something on Reddit was in the middle of 2018.

In 2019, the section is still alive, and new authors regularly appear on it. For example, Hungarian JustVidman or American jimmy.something , which the section brought several thousand subscribers in social networks. Over the past year, dozens of papers have been published on the subreddit r / reallifedoodles, many of which have been distributed across social networks.

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