Oppo introduced the world’s first self-camera inside the smartphone screen

“Frameless” without curls.

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At the MWC show in Shanghai, Oppo presented the first selfie camera built under the screen. Thus, the manufacturer got rid of the “bangs” and the need to hide the camera in the sliding module.

The company also revealed for the first time how the technology works. In the display, the engineers used transparent material that works in conjunction with a modified pixel structure, so the selfie camera can capture light.

According to representatives of Oppo, the size of the sensor is larger than that of other selfie cameras, and the lens received wider aperture values. At the same time the area of ​​the screen with the camera reacts to touch, and the display is not lost in quality.

Judging by the first pictures of journalists, the region is still striking. The resolution of pixels and the brightness on it are different from the rest of the screen, although the effect is not so noticeable on videos from the event.

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Oppo acknowledged that placing the camera below the screen lowers the quality of photos: there are highlights, glare and color problems. However, company representatives noted that they have developed algorithms that allow the smartphone to solve problems and maintain the quality “at the level of popular devices.”

Oppo did not disclose the launch date of the smartphone with a selfie camera on the screen. The company noted that they plan to submit it “in the near future.”

For the first time about the new prototype Oppo became known on June 3. Then the company posted a teaser for the device on Twitter, and soon a similar solution was shown in Xiaomi.

In recent years, smartphone makers have been constantly experimenting, trying to make devices frameless without sacrificing a selfie camera or screen. Huawei has released a smartphone with a hole in the screen, Samsung showed a turning camera, and Oppo presented a device with a sliding module.

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