Ministry of Internal Affairs: 90 people were detained on the streets of Moscow for two years of a face recognition system test

At metro stations, from 5 to 10 criminals are detained every month.

For two years of test work of face recognition systems in the subway and on the streets of Moscow, security officials detained several hundred people. The system compares the persons from the video stream with the database of wanted persons and, if there is a match, notifies nearby police officers. This was reported by Vedomosti.

With the help of 1000 cameras, 90 people were detained outside the entrances of residential buildings, and from 5 to 10 criminals were detained every month at metro stations. The tests involved the Center for Speech Technologies and VisionLabs, which helped detain 62 people from the federal wanted list in the Moscow subway.

In mid-2017, Moscow authorities connected NTechLabs, the company that created FindFace, to face detection cameras. The city video surveillance network consists of 167 thousand cameras located in porches, schools, kindergartens, stadiums and other crowded places.

In 2018, the Moscow bailiffs began to search for debtors through street surveillance cameras. On May 22, Vedomosti reported that the Ministry of Internal Affairs had begun testing cameras and video recorders with face recognition.

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