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Meme: Two women scream at the puzzled cat at the table

In social networks combined two random pictures and show how the reaction to unfounded allegations looks like when you don’t expect them.

In the middle of June a meme spread in social networks with a white cat sitting in front of a plate of vegetables, on which two women shout. The heroine of the first picture makes unexpected claims and accusations, and the unsuspecting character of the second one is confused by this.

On December 7, 2011, the 14th episode of the reality show “Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” was aired. In this series, one of the participants, Taylor Armstrong, began to cry during a dispute, and friend Kylie Richards tried to calm her down. The next day, the Daily Mail published an article about the events of the series with a shot from Armstrong and Richards.

In 2018, a Tumblr user posted a photo of a cat with a confused expression of a muzzle sitting at a table in front of a plate of vegetables. The picture with the caption “he does not love ovashchi” gained popularity on the platform.

All this time, the pictures were used as reactions on Twitter and on the 4chan image board . On May 1, 2019, the user of the social network published a tweet with both pictures, noting how they fit together.

Losing these two pictures together

The next day, the first meme was created on Twitter. It was created using a template of two pictures. Soon he got to Reddit and spread to the r / dankmemes section.

I came drunk and blame my cat for embracing others 

Meme illustrates situations in which the hero of a joke is confused by unexpected and unreasonable accusations from parents, teachers, or bystanders. Sometimes they misinterpret the character’s actions and on this basis make claims against him.

The cat usually does not bother anyone and goes about his business, but his calm is disturbed by the women from the first picture of the template, who verbally attack the animal.

The teacher punishes everyone for talking and not doing work / The only student who silently did the task

My stepsister calls me a pervert for the fact that I masturbated in her room / I wondered why she did not start doing me a blowjob, as in the video that I watched

My mom talks about how useless I am / 12-year-old I play Minecraft

Wanda blames Thanos for being lost / Thanos

My teacher tells the guard that she started a nervous breakdown because of me / I just asked what “non-fertile” means

My younger sister tells her mother that I hit her / I, knowing that I didn’t even touch her

Pupils complain that they got 95 points out of 100 / I, pleased with my 62

None: / Treaty of Versailles: / France, USA and United Kingdom / Germany

I meow loudly at my cat so that she speaks to me / My cat

A woman shouts at me for looking at her breasts / I tried to read the inscription on her T-shirt

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