Firefox launched a tool to combat advertising: it opens 100 tabs and deceives the tracking algorithm

Advertising will cease to be targeted.

Track THIS

The Firefox team and mschf studio presented a tool by which advertising on the Internet ceases to be targeted. The Track THIS service opens 100 tabs in the browser to confuse tracking algorithms.

The creators of the service stipulate in advance: the user will still see ads. However, Track THIS will make it difficult for advertising algorithms to accurately determine the user’s identity to a specific audience, based on their browser history. The creators called it “something like the incognito mode.”

The service offers four “alter ego”, which will depend on the content of open sites and advertising after that. “Hypbist” will leave in the history of the browser sites with clothes, shoes and fashionable music. “Disgustingly rich” will force advertising algorithms to assume that the user is a consumer of luxury brands. The “End of the World” mode will open sites about conspiracy theories, survival and hiking gear. “Opinion Leader” – about cosmetics, rest and astrology.

Simultaneous opening of hundreds of tabs may take some time. The creators also warn that it is better to close and save working tabs before launch. Users of ad blockers Track THIS will not work, indicated in the description of the tool.

Technology companies propose to fight targeted advertising in less extreme ways. So, Apple devices allow you to turn off the display of ads based on the interests and location of the user. In 2017, Apple’s innovations met with a negative reaction from participants in the advertising market: several companies complained that Apple was “sabotaging the economic model of the Internet,” introducing new privacy technologies.

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