San Francisco authorities have banned the sale of electronic cigarettes since 2020. This is the first such law in the United States.

The city is the largest producer of wipes Juul, which already opposes the ban.

San Francisco authorities have banned the sale of any electronic cigarettes that have not been approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). This was reported by Bloomberg, citing the decision of the city council.

On the territory of the city, it will be forbidden to sell electronic cigarettes that have not received a safety certificate from the FDA. So far, no electronic cigarette manufacturer has received such permission .

It is assumed that in 10 days the mayor will sign a decree. She has already approved the ban: “We must take action to protect the health of San Francisco youth.” The law will be fully operational from 2020. The ban will not affect the sale of regular cigarettes, other tobacco products and medical marijuana.

In San Francisco, it is the main control of the well-known manufacturer Weipa Juul . June 19, 2019 the company bought a 28-storey office in the city. Juul is already opposed to the ban and claims that the authorities “put politics on public health.”

Juul and other brands are struggling to prevent e-cigarettes from falling into the hands of teenagers — in April, the company launched a program that tracks the movement of their goods. Despite this, the FDA constantly accuses manufacturers of deliberate advertising for younger audiences.

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