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Nike canceled the sale of a limited collection of shoes in China, as its designer supported the protesters in Hong Kong

According to the retailer of shoes in China, Nike urgently requested to withdraw the collection of shoes from the designer after his statement.

Shoes from the collection of Yuna Takahashi  Photo Footwear News

Nike has canceled the sale of sports shoes from Japanese designer Yun Takahashi after a post in support of protests in Hong Kong appeared in the instagram of his Undercover studio. This is reported by CNBC.

The studio later removed the post with the support of Hong Kong residents who are protesting against the adoption of amendments to the law on extradition. Undercover called it a mistake and a personal opinion of Takahashi.

According to the TV channel, after that the collection of Nike shoes from Takahashi got into the black lists of Chinese stores. They removed it from sale without explanation. Retailer of Nike shoes in China – YYSports told the Financial Times publication that he received an urgent notice from an American company about the recall of the Takahashi collection, which was planned to start selling on June 14. Reporters say this may be due to the fact that Nike is afraid of losing the Chinese market.

On June 12, a mass demonstration was held in Hong Kong against the amendments to the bill on extradition. According to various estimates, from 300 thousand to a million people took to the streets. Due to the fact that the protesters blocked the streets near government buildings, the police used pepper gas, batons and rubber bullets.

On June 15, the Hong Kong administration decided to suspend consideration of amendments to the law on extradition after mass protests in the city, but they continued. Residents require a complete abolition of the bill.

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