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The game of “Harry Potter” from the authors of Pokémon Go was released: how to play, what they say about it in social networks and how to download it in Russia

Wizards Unite has not yet gained popularity, but it already looks much deeper than its predecessor.

On June 21, the mobile game Harry Potter: Wizards Unite in the Harry Potter universe from the developer Pokémon Go was released on iOS and Android . While it was not officially launched in Russia, but Russian players can already explore the magical world in augmented reality: on June 23, activities appeared on the game map.

The gameplay in Wizards Unite is generally similar to its predecessor. But there are noticeable differences – at the start there are more elements and details in it. TJ figured out how to start playing and install the game in Russia, and also learned what people think about the project in social networks.

What is Wizards Unite

The game takes place a few years after the “Deathly Hallows”. The player is invited to work as a volunteer at the Ministry of Magic and fight an unknown “disaster”, because of which magical creatures and magical objects began to appear in the world of muggles. The world of “Harry Potter” is under threat of disclosure, and beginners and mazozologam beginner to prevent the impending catastrophe.

In contrast to the Pokémon Go, in Wizards Unite added a full-fledged voice acting. For example, Harry Potter is voiced by an actor whose voice is very similar to Daniel Radcliffe. The game also plays the original music of John Williams from the movies.

Players need to explore the terrain, collect items, brew potions, cast spells and choose a profession. You can even look into the world of wizards. Much depends on the weather and time: for example, the weather affects the appearance of certain ingredients, and werewolf can be found only in the full moon.

How to play and where to start

As in Pokémon Go, the player will have to go out, look for “finds” (an analogue of catching Pokemon), engage in battles with enemies (analogs of a Pokemon battle) and, along with friends, capture the towers (analogue of gyms).

Foundables are the students and teachers of Hogwarts who came through portals to the Muggle world, officials from the Ministry of Magic, magical creatures, and sometimes just objects like a truncheon or megaphone. All characters and things are trapped – they are marked with round icons on the map. They must be saved by using spells: fires are extinguished by “Aguamenti”, the ice is melted by “Insendio”, the locks are opened by “Alohomora”.

Rescued from Arthur Weasley’s rubber duck

Such meetings are the same – the player clicks the icon on the map, in AR mode, directs the camera to the “find” and casts a spell, bringing it out with a finger on the screen. The power of the spell depends on how accurately the user has led along the luminous contour. If you miss the mark, the attempt is not protected at all. Some heroes can be saved with one spell, but others take several pieces. It all depends on the level of “threat” and the player, as well as on its class and characteristics.

The magic cat was attacked by a rooster, which must be enclosed in a bubble with an Ebulbio spell.
Subsequently, an aggressive rooster attacked the Moon Lovegood and other students of Hogwarts

All saved items and characters are recorded in the Registry (Registry), similar to the album with stickers. It is divided into tabs – the school “Hogwarts”, magozoology, magic sports, mysterious artifacts. For saved “finds” experience is charged, for each new rank in the tab give out a suitcase with scrolls, runes and other useful things

The registry with the “finds” that I managed to find

Another type of meeting – fighting with the villains. In this mode, you need to aim “with a star on the specified” target “on the character and put a spell. The enemy will answer – you can defend against it with the help of “Protego”. The main thing is to have time to carry out the emerging contours. At the first levels, the player has little health, so it is difficult to win, because even after a successful defense, the enemies still do damage

Battle with some fantastic creature in the night. 
I lost

In the towers (Towers) players are also waiting for a battle, but with several enemies. You will need a runestone to enter – it will fall out after meetings with light “finds”. To advance to the next floor, you must defeat all the previous one. It is assumed that users will go to the towers with friends: it is easier and faster to overcome enemies.

In addition to the towers, greenhouses (Greenhouse) and hotels (Inn) are scattered on the map – analogues of pokestopes. They appear on the site of attractions. In hotels you can grow plants for potions – they grow for several hours. The potions themselves are cooked in another window – they also take a long time to prepare, but the process can be accelerated by stirring the boiler in a certain order. Potions can be used during a battle or encounters with finds to improve performance or enhance health

The flower does grow because i don’t have plant
Potion brewed

In hotels, players are offered to eat. The screen displays five boilers with dishes that contain different amounts of energy. It is necessary in order to fight and save the characters. Therefore, you either have to go to the “hotel” or pay real money for energy replenishment

The hotel offers one random dish of five. 
Five minutes later, you can come back for an additive.

In the profile of the player, you can choose an avatar with “magic” masks, the faculty of “Hogwarts”, position and magic wand. The wand has a huge number of configurations – wood, filler, flexibility and length. All these indicators do not affect anything. Achievements are displayed on the screen, as well as the number of steps completed, saved characters, completed challenges and visited “hotels” with “greenhouses

Profile Tab

The only thing that influences gameplay from a profile is a profession. After the sixth level, it is possible to choose one of three classes – the Mago- zologist (Magizologist), the Professor (Professor) and the Mrakoborets (Auror). The first is strong in the battle with magical creatures and can heal, the second understands magic and supports teammates, and the third is better than others to cast spells. Each has its own tree of pumping with different skills that can be obtained for the scrolls. You can switch between classes

Three Classes
choose professor

Probably, in the future, the choice of class will help in the co-op — Markoborets is like a “tank”, the Magozoologist is like a “healer”, and the Professor is like a “Damager”. This differs Wizards Unite from Pokémon Go – there were no RGP elements in the previous game Niantic.

The most interesting of the AR-functions are portals to the magical world, similar to the eggs from Pokémon Go. You can find boxes with them on the map, insert the key and go through the specified number of kilometers – from about two to ten. The magic item that emerged from the box should be thrown on the ground, after which an AR-location 3 by 3 meters will appear from it, where you can see Hagrid’s hut, the Leaky Cauldron or Ollivander’s shop

Portal to the shop “Gorbin and Burke” in Lutniy Lane. 
There, Harry Potter accidentally hit the “Secret Room” when teleported with the help of flying powder.

Microtranslations seem unobtrusive – energy can be replenished for free, and experience can be earned after meetings with “finds”. However, in order to instantly cook a potion or restore energy, buy the necessary ingredients or immediately get the key for the portal, you need an internal currency that is sold for real money.

What they say about the game in social networks

Immediately after the launch of Wizards Unite, players began to share “friends codes” in social networks – with their help, you can add other users to defeat enemies in towers together.

The Harry Potter fans were delighted to meet with familiar characters and creatures from the franchise — Hagrid, Ron Weasley, Severus Snape, Phoenix Fawkes, and fantastic beasts.

I sob over how they scornfully reacted to my baby Ron

What a stunning all these “fantastic creatures” in the game

On Twitter, they quickly began to joke about spells, the strange disappearances of heroes into the magical world, and also about how the game constantly claims that you are going too fast.

Trying to conjure a perfect spell in Wizards Unite

I: sit on the couch, not moving / Wizard Unite:

Immediately after saving people in Wizards Unite, I send them to hell

I: “Today is Sunday. I will not do anything ”/ Wizards Unite comes out in my country / I:

Players also noted bugs due to high system requirements, the lack of locations in rural areas and a bit of monotonous gameplay.

City and countryside

How to install the game in Russia

The game has already been released in 140 countries, but not in Russia. A similar situation was with Pokémon Go – despite its great popularity in Russia, Niantic did not add it to the list of supported countries. The game appeared only in 2018, when the trend for it has long passed.

Android owners to install the game enough to download the APK file of the game. At startup, you must allow the installation of applications from unknown sources. Each update will have to download the new version from the same link.

For iOS users, things are a little more complicated. The game is available in the App Store of most countries of the world, so before installing you need to create a new Apple ID in one of them – the easiest way is to choose an English-speaking country. The network has enough detailed instructions describing how to do this. You must specify a real address, the card binding is not required.

Then you need to exit the main Apple ID, enable VPN, select the location of the desired country and enter the new account. Next you need to go to “Settings” – “Basic” – “Language and Region” and change the region, then go to the App Store and download Wizards Unite . Be careful: if you exit iOS from the main Apple ID and log in to another country’s account, the entire media library saved in Apple Music will be deleted. ICloud storage will also stop working before returning to the main account.

C account of another country will not be able to make in-app purchases in the game. But if you then remove the application downloaded from someone else’s App Store and install the Russian one, then progress will continue. Even in the case of a successful installation in Russia, it must be remembered that the game is entirely in English, and there are many dialogues in it. Pokémon Go has not been translated into Russian.

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