In the United States released a bracelet to get rid of bad habits. He beats the owner with a shock for gluttony or smoking.

True, we also need willpower: the device does not work automatically.

American startup Pavlok has released a second version of the bracelet to combat bad habits. It is a stun gun on the wrist that needs to be turned on every time you repeat the habit.

The device is synchronized with the smartphone and only in some cases it works automatically: for example, it can wake up in the morning. For the rest of the time, it must be activated via a button, independently giving itself a discharge of 350 volts.

According to the creators of the device, it can wean from addictions such as smoking, nail biting or eating fast food. To do this, it is enough to beat yourself with a current each time you break your own ban. This can also be done by friends of bracelet owners through the app.

The manufacturer of the device believes that it refers directly to the brain using associative thinking. As planned by the authors of the development, over time, the brain will remember that the bad habit is associated with pain and discomfort and will no longer want to repeat it.

Pavlok allows you to speak to your brain in an animal language, adding an element of discomfort (safe and harmless “charge” of electricity on your wrist) to teach the mind to associate what you love (bad habit) with an unpleasant feeling and stop it forever.

from the statement of the manufacturer Pavlok

The creators of the bracelet called it Pavlok in honor of the Russian academic and Nobel laureate Ivan Pavlov, who developed a method for developing conditioned reflexes. According to a research scientist, if you combine a neutral stimulus (for example, the sound of a bell) and a biological stimulus (food), then you can develop a reflex (for example, salivation) with each appearance of a neutral stimulus.

About the Pavlok device became first known in 2016. Then the blog on the site The New York Times published a positive review on the bracelet: one of the journalists of the publication was able to lose weight thanks to the device.

After the NYT material, the editor of The Verge decided to get rid of nail gnawing, but the device did not help her. The journalist used the bracelet for a month, and held it for the first week, and her nails even grew, but then she fell off and nibbled them even more, and soon stopped beating herself with electricity.

Pavlok 2 can be bought on Amazon at a price of $ 199

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