Yota was the first among mobile operators to launch flexible terms. You can choose any number of minutes and gigabytes

Previously, subscribers could only choose ready-made packages of conditions.

Yota was the first among Russian operators to launch a flexible line of minutes and Internet traffic. From June 24, subscribers can collect an individual rate depending on their needs. About this told the press service of Yota.

We have combined our best products – complete flexibility and unlimited internet. Now customers can only choose what they really need. For example, 156 minutes and 10 GB or 324 minutes and unlimited internet.

Under the new conditions, subscribers can choose from 0 to 2000 minutes and from 1 GB to unlimited Internet. The price will also be formed individually: for example, 156 minutes and 10 GB of traffic will cost 399.79 rubles in Moscow, and in Yekaterinburg, 500 minutes and unlimited Internet will cost 355 rubles. Individual applications can also be made unlimited – as before.

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