USB creator explained the asymmetry of the connector: double-sided would cost twice as much

The engineer regrets that it is not always possible to insert a flash drive from the first time.

American engineer Ajay Bhatt, one of the creators of USB (Universal Serial Bus), in an interview with NPR explained why the connector was created asymmetrical. He acknowledged that this is “the greatest inconvenience.”

The annoying asymmetry of the connector even gave rise to the “ USB paradox ” meme : in order to insert a USB flash drive, it has to be turned over twice.

The engineer said that the symmetry of the connector would have made the technology twice as expensive as it would have to use additional wires and microcircuits. The developers considered the option with a round connector, but felt that such a decision would complicate the situation.

“Looking back and based on our experience, of course, we should have made it easier,” said Bhatt. But instead of increasing the cost of production, the developers decided to make the technology cheap.

“It took us time to prove that this technology cannot be done without,” Brother recalled. The developers managed to convince large computer manufacturers to use the standard: in 1998, Apple introduced the first iMac with USB ports. Now USB is used everywhere.

In 2014, the non-profit organization USB Implementers Forum presented an alternative to USB – USB-C technology with a two-way connector.

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