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In social networks, the video was spread from the “black-gorilla”. Ornithologists have an explanation – the bird is sunbathing

Crow’s non-standard pose made her the heroine of jokes, arts and theories on Twitter.

On June 20, a Twitter user from Japan posted a video with an unusual raven. The bird stood in a very non-standard position, leaning its wings on the asphalt. Because of this, it seems in the video that the crow has four paws, and the two front ones are rather muscular.

Two days later, the video reached the West, where the bird was nicknamed “the crow-gorilla”. After that, she got first on Reddit , and then on ” Peekaboo .”

Unusual crow became the heroine of social networks. Memes and arts were made with it, and users in a piece called it the development of the government and the secret boss in Dark Souls.

Also on Twitter, sketched, trying to logically explain the position of the crow. Users tried to take into account the angle, the position of the wings, and someone even suggested that in fact the bird does not have paws.

All theories were answered by Canadian ornithologist Kaylee Swift, who studies ravens. The girl became famous in social networks thanks to her series of tasks #CrowOrNo : once a week she publishes a photo of a bird, and subscribers guess what a crow is or not.

Swift studied the viral video and concluded that there was no “gorilla crow”. And such a strange posture has quite a scientific explanation – the crows so take a sun bath. The sun helps them fight bacteria and ticks on their plumage.

This very strange video went to Reddit. Here is an explanation. First, it’s a big-billed crow, so it looks a bit disproportionate

Secondly, this bird has not lost its legs and therefore rests on its wings. It is physically impossible. This is not the answer to the question, but the crow simply could not fly without legs. So legless crow – dead crow

What she does is sunbathing. When birds do this, they lower their wings and pull tail. From a certain angle it may seem that there are no legs and tail.

In any case, sunbathing is a common practice for birds. Sometimes it is about warming up. But often it can be observed in the heat. In this case, they care for feathers. The sun helps fight bacteria and ticks

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