Storm – a new drone DJI, which comes complete with a truck and a crew team

The device can not even be bought – only to rent.

DJI has released the drone Storm, which can only be rented complete with a truck and a crew. This is the most powerful device of the company – it is intended for studio shooting of films. As noted site DroneDJ, Storm has not publicly announced, but the video with him can be found on YouTube.

Enthusiasts have found confirmation of the existence of the drone on the Chinese site DJI. They noted that this is a real “beast”: the device is equipped with eight propellers and can lift up to 18.5 kilograms of cargo. This is enough to attach a full-size movie camera like Arri Alexa LF with lenses, a DJI focusing system and a DJI Ronin 2 stabilizer.

In addition, the Storm can accelerate to 80 kilometers per hour. He can fly up to 15 minutes with a load of 12 kilograms.

The cost of the drone is unknown, but professional equipment from DJI has always been expensive: for example, the Ronin 2 stabilizer is sold at a price of 8 thousand dollars (about half a million rubles). Other devices like the Storm cost from 30 thousand dollars and more (1.9 million rubles).

Just buy a new drone DJI will not work. While the company rents it only with a kit in the form of a van and a team of experts in the framework of the project DJI Studio. The service has existed for several years, but is available only in the Chinese market.

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