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Instruction: How to get to Georgia after Putin’s ban

Short for those who are not ready to give up.

Georgian Airways Plane Getty Photo

On June 21, Vladimir Putin temporarily prohibited air transportation of citizens from the territory of the Russian Federation to the territory of Georgia. This is due to the protests in Tbilisi, which occurred because of the conflict of the opposition party with the Russian deputy.

Aeroflot, Pobeda and S7, as well as Ural Airlines and Red Wings, began to cancelflights and promised to return the money to those who bought tickets. Despite this, the Georgian tourism department assured that trips to Georgia remain safe. Georgia is one of the most popular tourist destinations for Russians in recent years.

How to get to Georgia while the ban is in effect:

  • Direct flight:Georgian airlines Georgian Airways and MyWay Airlines have not yet canceled flights from Russia. They were assured that they continue flights on the same schedule, since Putin’s decree concerns only Russian airlines. Ticket purchases are open on both sites ;
  • By plane with transfers: At least Turkish Airlines and Azal airlines fly from Moscow. Transplants will be held in Istanbul and Baku. As an alternative – fly to Ukraine, Lithuania and Belarus and from there fly by on local airlines to Tbilisi;
  • By bus:get to Armenia, from where take the bus that goes to Georgia. Also, buses run from Russian cities: from Samara, Sochi or Moscow;
  • By car:fly to or get to Pyatigorsk or Vladikavkaz, and then cross the border at the wheel. Twitter advised to take a taxi;
  • On the boat:from Sochi , the ship goes under the name “Comet”, which comes to Batumi.
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