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Instagram blogger spoke about the “random and unexpected” engagement. But it turned out to be advertising with several brands.

An unexpected wedding was planned and sponsored in advance.

Frame from Instagram Marissa Casey Fuchs

Marissa Casey Fuchs is an instagram influenser with 200 thousand subscribers that works for Goop Lifestyle and publishes travel photos. At the end of June, her fiancé (also an instagram blogger) published a video about the “secret offer” for Marissa: he said that he planned an unexpected wedding that would be different from the rest. The girl overpowered this video with the caption: “What is happening ?!”.

I want to ask you the most important question in life. But our problem is that we don’t really like traditional wedding ceremonies. This is not exactly our style with you.
Gabriel GrossmanMarissa’s fiance

In the next few days, Grossman gave Marissa a quest with surprises — she had to follow instructions and find gifts. First they brought her new gold jewelry, then they presented the evening with a stylist and a session at the spa, as well as a trip to a luxury hotel. In all cases, the blogger told about the findings in the stories, not forgetting to mention the brands: Gurney’s Hotel or Jade Trau Jewelery.

Frames stories Marissa 

June 20 edition of The Atlantic published an investigation dedicated to the wedding of Marissa. Journalists found PDFs that revealed Grossman’s plan with all the gifts and brands that should provide them. Documents are designed as price lists for companies that want to earn the attention of the audience of bloggers.

This summer, Marissa will take part in an unexpected adventure, created by the main man in her life – Gabriel. He asked her to go through a sentimental and secret journey, in which many familiar brands who are ready to give unique gifts will take part.

We are ready to offer your brand to participate in this momentous event.

project description from pdf file

The documents also found a lot of joint photos of Grossman and Marissa, details about the coverage of their accounts on Instagram and details about what videos she will post during the wedding quest. The journalists compared the real journey with what was described in the ad PDF, and found only a couple of inaccuracies in the selected places.

On June 21, Marissa’s fiancé said that the blogger did not plan a branded journey and in fact it was his social network marketing expert who collected the advertising document. According to Grossman, almost none of the brands responded to the offer, and they built the quest on collaboration with companies that advertised in the past. Since the announcement of the engagement, 20 thousand people have subscribed to her account.

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