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Georgian airlines will be banned from flying to Russia. Ministry of Transport explained this by security check

Prior to this, the president had banned Russian airlines from flying to Georgia.

Since July 8, Georgian airlines, along with Russian airlines, will be banned from flying to Russia. However, Georgian Airways and MyWay Airlines continued to operate flights. This was reported in the press service of the Ministry of Transport of the Russian Federation.

The Ministry of Transport said that it was a matter of the need for a security check, as well as in the debt to the FSUE “State ATM Corporation” for 792 thousand dollars and about 600 thousand rubles.

The reason for the suspension of flights is the need to ensure a sufficient level of aviation security, as well as the presence of overdue indebtedness for air navigation activities.Ministry of Transport of the Russian Federation

On June 21, Vladimir Putin temporarily prohibited air transportation of citizens from the territory of the Russian Federation to the territory of Georgia. Tour operators and travel agents were asked to refrain from selling and selling vouchers to the country. This was associated with “anti-Russian sentiments” against the backdrop of the protests that began in Tbilisi.

The last remaining direct flights made just Georgian airlines – Georgian Airways and MyWay Airlines. Of the remaining ways to get from Russia to Georgia, there are flights with transfers, buses and cars.

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