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Aeroflot, Pobeda and S7 began to cancel flights to Georgia from July 8. Rosturizm promised that they will return the money for the tickets

Putin imposed a ban, explaining it with “anti-Russian” sentiments.

From July 8, Aeroflot began to cancel flights to Georgia from July 8 in connection with the ban on air transportation coming into force. It was also done by Pobeda and S7 airlines , as well as Ural Airlines and Red Wings .

As reported in the Federal Tourism Agency, for tickets from Georgia until July 8, return the money at the rate and in the event of departure July 8 – in full. Some airlines have also confirmed that the money will be returned by the rule of “forced return”: Red Wings, Victory, Ural Airlines and Aeroflot have already announced this. In S7 promised to explain the rules of return on Monday, July 24th.

On June 21, Vladimir Putin temporarily prohibited air transportation of citizens from the territory of the Russian Federation to the territory of Georgia. Tour operators and travel agents were asked to refrain from selling and selling vouchers to the country. This was associated with “anti-Russian sentiments” against the backdrop of the protests that began in Tbilisi.

The Georgia Department of Tourism assured that, despite the protests, travel to Georgia remains safe. “All tourist destinations and attractions are open to visitors. In addition, the tourist infrastructure and transport work without interruption, ”- stated in the department.

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