Media: the director of “Bond-25” was 3 hours late for shooting. He could not tear himself away from the game on Playstation

This awkward moment, when a potential blockbuster does not even seem to care about its director.

According to the tabloid The Sun, one of the days of last week, the filming of the so-called 25th unnamed film about the adventures of the British super spy James Bond began a few hours later than planned. The reason for the delay was the late director of the film, Cary Fukunagi.

According to the sources of the publication of the film crew, Fukunaga could not in time to break away from an unnamed video game on the Playstation console. And it would be okay if it was only a late arrival: in order to make up the shooting schedule, the director suggested the film crew work overtime on weekends, during which one of the traditional holidays in the USA, Father’s Day, fell. This caused a massive outcry in the team, and many crew members refused to accept Fukunagi’s proposal.

Recall that the leading actor in the film Daniel Craig injured his ankle on the set, because of which he needed surgery, and later during the shooting of one of the scenes in the Kew laboratory, the technical genius MI6, the controlled explosion went out of control .

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